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Access the Hedgehog Review

NOTE:  You will  use the

Humanities International Complete database link above 

to access the Hedgehog Review !!!!

VMI's access to the Hedgehog Review is through one of Preston Library's databases. You will not peruse the Hedgehog Review page by page like a a print copy. You will search for .PDF articles in Humanities International Complete database.

The Hedgehog Review is an interdisciplinary academic journal published by the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia. The journal features critical writing about cultural identity, citizenship, cultural change, and cultural diversity

To search Humanities International Complete database for articles in the Hedgehog Review:

  • Type 1527-9677 in the first search box. This is not a typical search, but it is the most reliable way.
    • 1527-9677 is the numeric address (International Standard Serial Number or ISSN) for the Hedgehog Review. If you use the ISSN, you'll retrieve all and only articles from the Hedgehog Review.

- OR -

  • Type hedgehog review in the first search box > on the left-hand side, scroll to Publication, and Limit to hedgehog review. You want the hedgehog review title with about 1,000 articles. 
  • The cool thing is that you can then limit by topic. For example: diversity in the second box to find all articles (about 20) from the Hedgehog Review, sorted by relevancy.


Most reliable search, limited by topic: