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Cadet Group Study Room Policies

This guide hosts the Cadet Group Study Room Policy & Lost and Found Policy for Preston Library at Virginia Military Institute.

How To Connect a Laptop to the Wall Monitor

  • Locate monitor remote on upper right side of the monitor.

  • Turn on the monitor.
    • A green light will appear on the bottom right of the monitor to indicate the monitor is on.

  • Connect to VMI-Sentinel wireless network on your device (i.e. laptop, etc.).  The AirMedia application will not work if you are connected to the guest network.

  • Open a browser and go to the URL found in the lower left corner of the wall monitor.  This will look like https://10.x.x.x.  Use this URL to connect to AirMedia.
    • NOTE:
      • If this is the first time to use an AirMedia device with this computer, it will prompt you to install the AirMedia software.  It is safe to do so.
      • If you experience any problems installing the AirMedia software, call x7643 and you will be assisted with installing the software.
      • You may also encounter a firewall; if this happens, select “cancel” and proceed.

  • Click on “Start Presenting” button when the following screen appears


  • Click on “Open Creston AirMedia” button when the screen appears:

  • Copy the code from the lower left corner of the monitor; located under the URL.  Enter code in blue box on your screen:

  • Select “Connect”.

Your device should now be connected.  Your screen’s contents should be displayed on the wall monitor.

Make sure you disconnect from the AirMedia when you are done.  Otherwise, you will stay connected and the contents of your screen may display.

  • To disconnect locate the AirMedia icon in the tray at the bottom of your screen.  Open the icon and select “Disconnect”.

  • Return the monitor’s remote to the right side of the monitor.

  • Return the room’s furnishings to their original locations.