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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Civil & Environmental Engineering

Explore Preston's Library's resources in civil and environmental engineering and learn to use them effectively in your scholarly work. You may email us questions or schedule research consultations.

From VMI: Civil Engineering (CE) is the oldest of the engineering professions, broadest in scope, and parent of all other branches of engineering.

The CE curriculum at VMI includes a traditional array of course that allows cadets to pursue different subdisciplines after graduation. Cadets that successfully complete the curriculum receive an ABET accredited Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering.

The Civil Engineering Program's educational objective is to produce graduates who:

  • Use their broad-based civil engineering backgrounds to perform as entry-level engineers in industry, the military, government, or other fields.
  • Enter graduate schools in the disciplines of civil engineering or closely related areas, work training programs, self-study programs, military service schools, as well as other areas such as business schools.
  • Continue the process of life-long learning as required for long-term personal and professional growth.
  • Use their communication, computer, and teamwork skills to help themselves and their employees succeed.
  • Recognize their professional and ethical responsibilities to society as members of the professional engineering community.
  • Relate their personal and professional lives to moral and ethical practices.